Our Services

1. IPO Preparedness

For any business scaling up faster, IPO is a question of “when” and not “If”. Listing showcases the strength of the Compliance, Governance, Risk management and Audit framework. Share price becomes a currency to evaluate inorganic growth options and ESOPs become a meaningful retention tool.

Once you are IPO ready, Merchant Bankers will parade in to execute the transaction. Getting IPO ready is the hard part. Either scaling up or preparing for IPO isn’t a choice for the CXO team and them doing both is a stretch. CXO team needs external help.

We could step in and assist with the following building blocks.

Strengthening of Financial Systems & Processes

  • Audit Practices
  • Reporting Quality & Processes
  • Technology application – ERP selection

Corporate & Governance Structure

  • Clause 49 preparedness
  • Governance review- RAMBO – Related Party Disclosure , Audit Quality, Managerial remuneration disclosure, Board structure ,Ownership & management separation


  • Disclosure Standards
  • Board Report formats
  • Financial & Strategy communication
  • Investor Relation – building blocks
  • IPO Strategy – Investment hypothesis, Positioning, IPO story
  • Policy advocacy & Outreach

Capital Structure

  • Pre IPO placement
  • Optimal monetization structure – balancing capital requirement, control and tax efficiency.

Partner selection inputs

Lead Manager, Counsels, PR agency etc.

Our Deliverables will include

  • Diagnosis and review
  • Strategy Recommendation
  • Implementation inputs
  • 100 hours of actual interface with CEO/CFO/COO.
  • Our Resources will attend your corporate office 5 days a week for 3 months.

2. Board Advisory

We can assist the Board in evaluation of any situation/ proposal/ strategic plan/ transaction when they choose to seek external and independent inputs.

3. Special Situation

In the VUCA world there is no dearth of a special situation. It could be capital structure disruption, hostile takeover attempt , PR fiasco , Key employee exit , Partner disagreement , adverse change in regulatory framework or public policy, reputation capital challenge etc. Should you need an intellectual partner for a dispassionate analysis and implementation of mitigation steps in complete trust, we could be of some help. We will not only extinguish the ‘corporate fire’ but also immunise the system.

4. CEO/CFO Mentoring

Smart CEOs/ CFOs/COOs also need mentoring to quickly settle in a new job /country /sector or adapt to a new normal environment.

Who else other than a team like us with no other corporate agenda or career ambitions?

Depth of our experience over ‘business cycles’ should put us in good stead. Should anything fall outside our ‘circle of our competence’, we will lean on the able shoulders of our senior friends with richer relevant experience than us