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RajGuru is a new age corporate advisory group founded by experts with 30 years’ experience in the Indian financial sector.

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Why Choose RajGuru Advisors?

We don’t stop at mere analysis & recommendations. We will implement shoulder to shoulder with the CXO team. PPTs only if  you ask for them. We are neither consultants nor employees. We are the 3rd people. Unlike consultants, we will operate at your corporate office but for a maximum of 90 days only. That way we strike the ‘golden mean’ between ‘external objectivity’ and ‘internal commitment’.

Our Founder

Somasundaram Dilliraj

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Somasundaram  DilliRaj  has 30 years’ experience in the  Indian Financial Services Industry.  His last assignment was as President – Bharat Financial Inclusion Ltd (BFIL) (formerly SKS Microfinance Ltd).  He joined BFIL in 2008 when it was a promising and small unlisted NBFC. He was a key member of the CXO team that spearheaded the scale up resulting in BFIL becoming the largest NBFC -MFI in the globe with 5 million members.


As   the then CFO, he prepared SKS Microfinance for its IPO over 1 ½ years by establishing strong financial system replete with 

  • Digital cash management system 
  • Audit quality improvement 
  • Robust financial reporting  system despite a  huge rural branch network posing  a challenge 
  • Broad based  investor base and Credit Grantors pool 
  • ERP implementation
  • Strengthening of  the Corporate finance team 
  • Establishment of   Enterprise Risk Management system 

The IPO led by him was the first listing for any MFI in India and was oversubscribed by 13.6 times at a valuation of $ 1.5 bn. 

Fund Raise 

  • Through his initiatives SKS became the first MFI to issue mainstream financial instruments like CPs, NCDs, Pass through certificates, Mosaic etc. 


  • He  convinced large PSBs to lend to SKS and broad based the credit grantors pool. 
  • SKS/BFIL raised incremental debt exceeding Rs. 25,000 Crs during his tenure (2008 to 2016) 
  • On the equity side, new strata of investor’s right from VCs, PEs, Hedge Funds,  MFs , Insurers and ‘Deep Value long only investors’  etc. were roped in.



Strength of financial systems built by him and his team was severely tested during the AP MFI crisis a Black –Swan event for the MFI sector. But the robust financial system aided by a diversified funds base and an exemplary Risk Management System withstood the pressure of AP MFI crisis.  SKS was the only NBFC- MFI with AP exposure to stand outside CDR ( Corporate Debt Restructuring)  and still met all its financial obligations in a timely manner.  Share price from an all-time low of Rs.55 gradually increased with the ‘turn around’ and reached back the Rs.1, 000 + mark. SKS emerged stronger out of the AP MFI crisis. 


SKS Turnaround Poster Jan 25th 2013 (Click here to view PDF)

He played a strategic role in turnaround of SKS through  outreach with Key Policy Makers and Regulators . Thanks to his tireless Policy advocacy efforts, Mobile Banking and Business Correspondence were opened up for NBFC- MFIs  . 


SKS repositioned itself as Bharat Financial Inclusion with considerable increase in Reputation capital . (News link) http://archive.indianexpress.com/news/mfis-bankers-cheer-new-bill/814494/